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Facials, Peels & Microdermabrasion

Spa Facial

Our estheticians will provide a thorough consultation prior to your service to analyze your skin and recommend a customized facial to meet your specific needs. Your facial may include a cleansing, toning, vapor, steam, exfoliation, massage, masque and moisturizer. We believe that our facials offer the perfect blend of relaxation and results.

BG Essential Facial

Customized for your specific skin care needs, this classic facial is a wonderfully relaxing and hydrating treatment consisting of a double cleansing, thorough exfoliation, steaming, extractions, mask, and face massage.

$75 (45 min) $90 (60 min) $325 (Series of 4)

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Anti-Aging Spa Facial

Our anti-aging facial uses the latest peptide technology to reduce wrinkles and bring back younger-looking, radiant skin. Wrinkles form when collagen breaks down due to factors like age, sun and stress. Peptides are amino acids that, when applied topically, stimulate the production of new collagen, reducing wrinkles and restoring a more youthful appearance.

$125 (80 min)

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Intraceuticals Oxygen Treatment Facial

Revive, replenish and protect your skin with Intraceuticals 3-Step Hyaluronic layering system. Intraceuticals treatments and professional grade skincare products combine powerful anti-ageing ingredients, vitamins, and antioxidants with multi-weight hyaluronic acid to dramatically transform the look and feel of your skin.

Intraceuticals Rejuvenate

Perfect for any skin type you will see instant visible results during this cooling, calming treatment. Your skin will look and feel years younger, visibly lifted, toned and hydrated.

$135 (60 min)

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Intraceuticals Opulence

Ideal for uneven dull spotty skin tone. Brightens and smoothes the look of the skin to reveal a lighter brighter appearance.

$155 (60 min)

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Intraceuticals Clarity

The ultimate weapon against problem prone skin. Impurities are banished
leaving an environment for calm clear skin

$155 (60 min)

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Intraceuticals Vitamin C

Helps strengthen, protect and support healthy skin with 3 synergistic forms of Vitamin C to benefit all skin types, but especially those with irregular tone and sun damage. Fights free radical damage and provides a co-factor for collagen synthesis for improved skin radiance.

$155 (60 min)

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Intraceuticals Collagen

Collagen signaling peptides encourage the skin to actively renew providing an immediate improvement in skin volume and density. Promotes a reduction in the appearance of lip and frown lines and is perfect for sensitive skin needing a little TLC.

$155 (60 min)

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Intraceuticals Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps promote skin elasticity and tightness while softening rough skin and improving the appearance of visible pores, fine lines and deeper wrinkles. Reveals a more refined and clarified skin tone.

$155 (60 min)

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Organic Spa Facial

Bio-certified antioxidant protection – Restores softness and luminescence with 99% organic ingredients. Makes skin look younger and smoother.

$100 (60 min)

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Mini Facial

Thirty min. of undivided attention for your skin. Customized treatment may include cleansing, toning, moisturizing, massage, and healing mask.

$55 (30 min)

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Teen Clean

For those under 20, our Teen Clean is formulated specifically to treat breakouts and acne, control oil production, unplug compactions, eliminate bacteria, and reduce inflammation. Includes deep cleansing, extractions, mask, and instructions for home care.

$80 (60 min)

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Microdermabrasion is one of the best preventive and corrective treatments for aging skin. It exfoliates upper layers of the epidermis to smooth away pigmentation & minor scars, refines skin texture, activates cell renewal, reduces expression lines and smooths wrinkles. For best results, we recommend a series of 4 – 6 treatments.

$90 (30 min) $324 (Series of 4) $468 (Series of 6)
$25 (Consultation) $65 (Hand Treatment)

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Our peels are intensely exfoliating and offer nearly immediate results. With a series of peels you can reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne, and uneven pigmentation. Please schedule a BG Essential Facial at least one week prior to beginning treatments. This will include a test patch for peel allergies and setting skin care goals.

$70 (45 min) $250 (Series of 4) $360 (Series of 6)

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Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting

Tinting is a great option for those who don’t want to hassle with mascara and the possibility of unsightly smearing by exposure to heat, or water. It has no ammonia and is safe to get next to the eye. Brow tinting is ideal for people that have grey brows or brows that have thinned out over time.

Eyelash Tinting* $25 (30 min)
Eyebrow Tinting* $25 (30 min)

*This tint lasts 2-3 weeks depending on the hair growth cycle.

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