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Eyelash Extension That Can Totally Renovate Overall Eye Appearance

If you’re like most women, applying mascara is the one item you don’t bear to leave the house without. Now you don’t have to. Just when you thought false eyelashes were a thing of the past, they are back!  And, they’re bigger, better, lighter and longer than ever. Women want to experience the beauty of full eyelashes, mimicking that gorgeous celebrity look. Not only will eyelash extensions work to give you fuller lashes, but they also change the way your eyes look. Below is a little information about the ways that eyelash extensions can change the way your eyes look.

Eyelash Extensions Brighten Your Eyes

eyelash extensionsLash extensions are a great way to brighten up your eyes. Those with bolder lashes often look as though their eyes are the center focus of their look. They often have bright eyes that stand out. With eyelash extensions, you might find yourself looking at your eyes in a mirror more often. Why is that? Lash extensions make your lashes look fuller and longer, which often give the appearance of larger eyes. This little tip can draw attention to your eyes, and it makes them appear brighter and bolder.

Eyelash Extensions Can Make Your Eyes Dramatic

Speaking of bolder, lash extensions often make your eyes more dramatic. You’ve seen the celebrities with the deep smoky eye and the dark, bold lashes to accompany the look. With lash extensions, you can achieve this same dramatic look with your own eyes. If you have ever worn false lashes, you know just how addicting having dramatic lashes can be. Lash extensions are a great way to achieve this look on a daily basis without the use of mascara, eyelash curlers and even eyeliner.

Sense An Increased Feeling of Confidence

By accentuating your eyelash appearance, it provides you with a more youthful look. Studies show a fuller, open eye makes a person appear more professional and confident. Lash extensions not only change your look, but they can help change your outlook as well.


Lash extensions are a great way to change up your look and boost confidence, at the Blue Giraffe, our make-up artists are licensed aestheticians who have had special training in cosmetic and eyelash application. To schedule an appointment, you may book online or call 541-488-3335. The Blue Giraffe Day Spa and Salon is here to enhance your natural beauty.

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