Reflexology, Take charge of your health

July 6, 2017

Have you ever wished you had a safe and proven method of alleviating stress? Reflexologists suggest that using this treatment can heal the body and amp up the regenerative process. Science continues to research this subject to understand how it works. Nevertheless, as many residents of Ashland, Oregon, can attest to, this therapy works wonders on calming the mind and producing a natural pain relief for those suffering from chronic pain.

What is Reflexology

This alternative treatment can relieve a variety of conditions, and the practice has been documented in both ancient Egyptian and Chinese culture. You apply pressure to a specific area in the ears, feet or hands, and it will impact the reflex areas within the body. Enough scientific studies have been conducted to support the claims made by reflexologists. Some of the proven benefits of this alternative treatment include:

  • Improved circulation throughout the body
  • Floods your system with relaxation and induces a state of calm
  • Common use in curing sleep disorders
  • Research suggests it improves bladder function

Different Theories on Reflexology


Theory #1: Working with the Central Nervous System
You have a few different theories of how it works. For example, theory one suggests it works because of the body’s central nervous system. In the 1890s, Sir Charles Sherrington and Sir Henry Head began to showcase research that looked at the relationship between skin and the internal organs. Based on this theory, when the reflexologist applies pressure to the hands, feet or ears, it sends a message to calm the body’s peripheral nerves.

Theory #2: Qi!
For those who have heard of acupuncture, they will understand how this theory works on the concept of qi. This theory holds that the “vital energy” within the human body gets triggered to produce a relief in stress, and it also addresses the congestion of energy in certain parts of the body. Based on this theory, a reflexologist puts pressure on certain points of the body to let the energy flow.

Theory #3: Zone Theory
This theory looks at the different zones in the body, and it divides them into 10 vertical zones. Every valve, organ, and muscle categorize within a special zone, and you can access these zones through the hands and feet. To give an example of the zone theory, working between toes two and three or the fingers two and three, you will access the pressure point for the eyes. The body throughout is thought to be connected via these neural pathways.

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Hop behind the steering wheel and take charge of your health! Our hypnotic boutique spa in downtown Ashland, Oregon, offers this rejuvenating therapy. What if you could have the energy you had back in your 20s or early 30s? Some of our clients have talked about how reflexology boosts their energy levels and even puts the kibosh on migraines. Thousands of years of tradition and proven success will take up arms in your fight for better health.

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