Summer Forecast to Great Easy Hair

July 21, 2017

Summer is here, and that means dealing with heat and humidity on a daily basis for the next few months. While summer is probably your time to travel and have fun with friends, those plans can easily get derailed if you have to constantly take care of your hair. That’s why at The Blue Giraffe boutique spa, we’re offering treatments for the hottest and easiest-to-manage summer hairstyles.

What’s Different for Summer Hair?

The summer not only calls for different looks, but your hair will also behave differently in the heat. Hair that’s voluminous and bouncy during the winter can easily become flat and weighed down in oils from the summer heat. You won’t have time to deal with frumpy, troublesome hair while you’re having your fun in the sun, so it’s important to treat and style your hair and leave the rest of your time to enjoy the summer.

Styles and Treatments

Below are some of the most on trend hair treatments and styles to make sure you’re enjoying your summer to the fullest.


Our highlights add a natural-looking dimension to your hair that can seriously cut down on your styling time. Instead of spending your vacation trying to curl your hair into a flattering style, let highlights give your hair an effortlessly chic look. The cherry on top? Adding flattering highlights will give the appearance that you’ve been out in the sun for weeks and will glow beautifully throughout the summer.

Pixie Hairstyles

Pixie cuts are not only an adorable look on any face, but they’re a practical style if you’re trying to survive the summer heat without sweating all day. Every haircut at The Blue Giraffe comes with a consultation, so our experienced stylists will help you find the pixie cut that’s right for your face shape and personal style.

Smoothing Treatments

Does all the humidity make your hair go crazy in the summer? If so, you’re not alone and there is a solution. Our smoothing treatment breaks down certain chemical bonds in your hair, then reforms them into a sleek new style. This means that your hair will be less prone to frizzing up and you’ll be able to enjoy the summer with a cool, manageable haircut.

Deep Conditioning Treatments

It’s all too easy for the sun to fry summer hair, and nobody wants to be stuck with hair that’s been left dull and lifeless. That’s why we offer a deep conditioning treatment as an addition to our styling appointments. Our stylist will work to restore moisture to your hair and keep it healthy and shiny on even the hottest summer days.

Stay Cool

It can be hard to beat the heat, but the first step is staying in control of your hair. If you’re in the Southern Oregon or Ashland area, stop in at The Blue Giraffe to see what our summer hairstyles and treatments can do for you.

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