Massage The Body. Relax The Soul.


Your journey to relaxation begins the moment you step into our warm and inviting spa. Change into a silky kimono robe and relax in our lounge with a warm scented neck wrap and hot stone footrest. Select your favorite dōTERRA essential oil or blend: Lavender, Eucalyptus, Wild Orange, Cypress or Serenity. After your massage, enjoy a complimentary steam shower.

Swedish Massage

This classic full-body massage reduces muscle tension, increases circulation and feels oh-so-good! Our therapists tailor their pressure and techniques to put your mind and body at ease.

$95 (60 min) | $135 (90 min)

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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep compression techniques are used to ease sore, aching muscles with an emphasis on areas that feel especially tight or tense.

$100 (60 min) | $140 (90 min)

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Side-by-Side Massage

Some things are better together! Side-by-side Swedish massages are a Blue Giraffe favorite for couples, friends, families and others who want to share the spa experience from start to finish!

$95 (60 min) | $135 (90 min) | *prices are per person

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Maternity Massage

Specialized massage techniques and attention for moms-to-be! Let us support and relax every part of your body to bring back the glow of expectation.

$100 (60 min) | $135 (90 min)

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Sports Massage

This vigorous, full-body massage incorporates active and passive stretching, friction, heat, compression, and isolated therapeutic work to ease stiffness, restore mobility and promote healing for muscles and joints.

$95 (60 min) | $135 (90 min)

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Hot Stone Massage

A timeless healing technique devised by native cultures. Our therapists use smooth heated basalt stones to massage the body. The warmth from the stones deeply penetrates tissues, softening muscles, and providing complete relaxation.

$105 (60 min) | $150 (90 min)

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African Journey Massage

Travel to another world in a state of deep relaxation and tranquility, with long flowing circular strokes, gentle healing techniques, and 100% pure Nilotica E. African Shea Butter, a rare healing and anti-aging product infused in vitamins.

$95 (60 min)

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Craniosacral Therapy

Using a soft touch, your therapist releases restrictions in the head, neck and sacrum to relieve tension deep in the body and harmonize the natural rhythm of the central nervous system. This technique is especially beneficial for headaches, chronic head pain, fibromyalgia and fatigue.

$85 (60 min) | $125 (90 min)

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Reflexology Foot Massage

This ancient Egyptian therapy restores balance and promotes wellness. Start with a warm mineral foot bath, and then relax and enjoy as your therapist uses targeted pressure on the reflex points of the feet and hands, to stimulate specific parts of the body.

$50 (25 min) | $70 (40 min) | $90 (55 min)

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Express Massage

Our Express Massage is a great way to quickly relieve tension in a targeted area for guests who have limited time.

$55 (30 min) | $75 (45 min)

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CBD Oil Massage

The Blue Giraffe uses the highest quality CBD products from Sacred Earth Botanicals. Our CBD lotions are hemp-based and contain less than .03 percent THC. They will not cause any psychoactive symptoms to occur. A massage with CBD oil helps to reduce inflammation within muscles and joints, allowing your massage therapist to work more effectively. In addition to relieving inflammation and pain, CBD oils are also good for alleviating stress and anxiety.

$125 (60 min) | $160 (90 min)

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