What Your Favorite Spa Service Says About Your Personality

Spa treatments and services have been a favored indulgence for quite sometimes. The luxurious investment in one’s self can be just the boost of confidence can be just what you need to get through the day. Everyone has their go-to favorites when it comes to the services their spa offers, but what do those preferences say about your personality? Let’s find out!

spa serviceSteams and Soaks

If you enjoy a fancy steam, an aromatic soak your personality is likely one of tranquility. The world may be fast-pasted, but you are one who likes to slow down and enjoy every aspect of a relaxing, luxurious spa treatment. You may even be one to enjoy a body wrap or polish to further enjoy the experience of living in your own beautiful skin. Take a deep breath and enjoy your you time.

Facial Spa Service

Perhaps you prefer a facial peel or facial rejuvenation spa treatment. In that case, you are probably someone who is dedicated to maintaining the health and appearance of your face. You like to make a good impression and know that the foundation to looking your best starts with maintaining in the necessary facial skin treatments to achieve the look that makes you feel confident. You are likely someone who is prepared and organized. Keep it up!

Chiropractic and Massage Spa Service

When your preferred treatments are geared toward realignment and releasing tension, chances are you are a hard worker who could use some well-deserved relief. These spa services are designed to provide comfort for the aches and pains that everyday living can cause. So feel free to take a breather. You’ve earned it.

Cosmetic and Aesthetic Spa Service

Makeup, nail, and hair treatments usually require semi-regular to regular salon visits. This indicates that you recognize your worth and have no problem taking the time to maintain your look. You might even be one to get waxing or threading treatments along with your cosmetic services. You are one who likely has no problem doing what it takes to be that fabulous (especially when being that fabulous is so much fun). Whether you maintain a specific look or follow cutting edge trends, preferring these services means you value the statement your look makes.

No matter what your most desired spa treatment may be, the important thing is that you feel the comfort and the confidence that these treatments provide. Ashland, Oregon is home to the Blue Giraffe. This spa is the perfect getaway to treat yourself to, no matter what spa services you may require. Book an appointment at the Blue Giraffe for the ultimate in luxuriating

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