A Day at the Spa – First Time for Everything

If you’re like me, you may have never had a ‘day at the spa’ nor do you really understand what that means. How could you spend all day at the spa? For me, it sounds a little like riding in first class on a plane. I always wondered why people would spend their money on a little extra leg room, when coach wasn’t that bad. That was, until I flew business class from Santiago to Panama. Warmed towels to freshen your hands, side and leg room galore, cocktail upon arrival, thick blankets and pillows, spacious bathroom, real silverware and a menu of meals to choose from – I couldn’t even imagine how first class could be even better!

A spa day – like riding first or business class – is just something you have to experience to really appreciate…

 Blue Giraffe Spa, Ashland, Oregon, Job 1129.

My first spa day wasn’t exactly an all day thing – multiple treatments lasting a few hours is as close as I’ve ever gotten, but we’ll keep that our secret – I still call it a spa day. I’ll admit I was a little nervous… where would I put my purse? Where would I be changing? Do I have to carry my phone with me? When will I have time to help myself that tea and chocolate over there? Where was the steam and how does that work? Where was the bathroom?

However, this unease didn’t last long. Upon arrival I was graciously welcomed by Joanne who summarized the treatments I scheduled (Steam, Moroccan Mud Wrap, and Massage). She then gave me a tour of the waiting area, women’s changing room and made sure to point out the location of the bathroom. It was immediately apparent that Joanne, and all of the other technicians, seemed to know all of my worries. Every question that had fluttered through my brain was answered before it could be asked and I was left to simply enjoy the experience.

After careful consideration of the variety of colors and patterns, I selected a beautiful black and tan Van Klee Kimono Robe to wear during my spa day. I was a little concerned about the robe providing adequate coverage when I joined a few others in the waiting room, but was pleasantly impressed with the way the fabric tie held everything in place during the entire experience. I selected rubber spa slippers that fit comfortably, slipped the locker key over my wrist, and returned to the waiting area to help myself to some tea and locally made Branson Chocolates.

 Blue Giraffe Spa, Ashland, Oregon, Job 1129.

While I settled into a cozy waiting room chair, I was immediately brought a wonderfully warm neck wrap to further help me transition to the pace of the spa. Gentle music set the tone and a couple lounging on the bench across the room in the same Kimono Robes nibbling on chocolates remarked to each other, “Now, we can finally relax.” I’d have to agree!


Bumble and bumble Creme De Coco Shampoo & Conditioner

I wasn’t left there long and soon was being guided to the begin my first treatment of the day, a steam. A luxury I rarely make time to enjoy, I was thrilled to begin. The technician pointed out extra towels I was welcome to help myself to, a heat gage on the wall was where I could control the temperature and she would knock when it was time to come out. Fantastic! Little did I know that the steam wasn’t just a steam room, but a fully equipped shower as well. Fully stocked with wonderful Bumble and Bumble shampoo, conditioner and body wash! I had just showered, but decided it was the perfect opportunity for a deep condition and helped myself to the products. Twenty minutes switching between a cold rinse from the shower head and getting sweaty hot from the steam provided a fantastic experience.

 Blue Giraffe Spa, Ashland, Oregon, Job 1129.

I was ready when the technician gently told me it was time for my mud wrap. She met me with a refreshing cup of cold water and guided me upstairs to a treatment room after I toweled off. She indicating where I could set my drink and hang my robe, and she left momentarily for me to undress and climb under the sheets.


Ghassool Moroccan Lava Clay

The next 75 minutes was a half sleep blur of Shea Terra products, including Ghassool Moroccan Lava Clay as the base for the wrap, being applied to my body. The Blue Giraffe mixes the Moroccan Lava Clay product with an Orange Blossom Water also from Shea Terra for the ultimate clay combination. Shea Terra products are from Africa and assist in the preservation of wildlife habitats as well as providing the backbone of economic sustainability for many hardworking families across the continent.


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Everything smelled wonderful and I was thoroughly impressed with the way the technician danced with the sheet to access different parts of my body while still making me feel comfortably covered.

Blue Giraffe Spa, Ashland, Oregon, Spa First Time

After the Moroccan Mud dried on my skin, I was again ushered back to the shower/steam room to work the mud off of my skin. It proved slightly more difficult to remove than I expected, but the steamy shower room soon loosened it up. I was again met with a fresh robe and cold water to enjoy before beginning my massage. Feeling like my muscles were fully relaxed and warmed up from the steam – the massage was blissful. My wonderful technician and guide for the day inquired as to what kind of massage I would like and I was not disappointed as she dug into my tight calves and shoulders – just the spots and pressure I wanted.


orange lotion

Shea Terra’s Orange Blossom Argan & Olive Oil Shea Butter

The massage was concluded with a full body application of Shea Terra’s Orange Blossom Argan & Olive Oil Shea Butter, wow. As my first spa day drew to a close, I slid off of the bed and back into my second fresh robe of the day. My whole body felt scrubbed, rubbed, relaxed, exfoliated and fantastic! I was lead back to the women’s changing room where I took my time blow drying my hair and changing back into my clothes all in a state of awe and wonder. I had survived my first taste of a true spa experience and was hooked. Just like finally understanding what was so fantastic about flying business class, I now understand why people want to treat themselves to a spa day… only next time, I’ll have to see if I can really make it last the whole day!

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