Blue Giraffe voted Best Day Spa in Sneak Preview

For the fifth year in a row, The Blue Giraffe has been voted “Best Day Spa” by Ashland Sneak Preview’s readers.


According to the article: “Modern Living is stress filled there’s no doubt about it. It almost makes one yearn for the good old days when we lived in caves and hunted mastodons. At least then there weren’t crazy people down, or maniacs flying airplanes into buildings. Sure, there was the occasional saber-toothed tiger scare, but even they were a little cute. The Blue Giraffe Spa is the place to go when you want to unwind at a day spa and feel like a king or queen for the day!”


The Sneak Preview sends out a survey in their December edition with many different categories of businesses and services to select as their favorite. The surveys are mailed in and tabulated by the Sneak Preview staff in December and the winners are announced in the “Best of Ashland” edition in January. The Blue Giraffe is proud to be the recipient of this award for 2010 – 2011! Thank you Ashland!

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