Blue Giraffe wins First Place in fourth of July Parade – again!

The Fourth of July Parade in Ashland is an amazing local event, with usually over 20,000 people attending from all aournd Southern Oregon. Consequently, some people plan their parade float far in advance, drawing on their creative energy and vision. Having won the commercial entry in 2006 (for the “Blue Giraffe Beach Bash”), the challenge was even greater for the Blue Giraffe staff in 2007 — but they rose to the challenge again!


This year the Blue Giraffe Circus featured an amazing array of Circus Acts. Clowns, Jugglers, Sword Swallowers, The Human Cannonball, Tight Rope Walkers, The Tatooed Lady, Lion Tamers, Stunt Drivers, Concession girls, Dogs, and a Zebra. There were two decorated circus trucks with animal cages. In the first truck was a large Blue Giraffe and in the other was a Gorilla and it’s beautiful trainer.

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