What is a “body polish” and what is its purpose?

Body polishes help you look and feel healthy and youthful, and are a wonderful compliment to other spa treatments like detoxifying body wraps and full body massage.

What is a Body Polish?

body polishA body polish exfoliates the skin of your body and is similar to a facial, but for your body instead of face. It leaves your skin glowing from head to toe. The spa therapist applies a polish made of a natural exfoliant and essential oils to the guest’s body. This process removes old, dead skin cells and encourages the production of new ones, resulting in improved skin condition and appearance. After the exfoliation, you rinse off the abrasive that was used and then return to the table where the therapist applies a rich oil or body lotion to your skin. This seals the moisture in your skin so that the results of the body polish last as long as possible.

There are a number of different types of body polishes, and it is a good idea to choose one that compliments your skin type. If you have dry skin, a brown sugar based polish provides a moisturizing scrub. A soothing polish such as shea butter is a good choice for sensitive skin. Oily skin benefits from polishes with sea salt because the salt kills bacteria that cause acne. Coffee grounds, pecan hulls, sugar, and rice bran are good options for normal skin.

Purposes of Body Polishes

Body polishes leave your skin healthier, softer, and glowing. They are a great method for treating dry, sun-damaged, and dehydrated skin, as well as clogged pores and acne. Pampering your skin and body offers a number of additional benefits including:

  • Relaxing your mind: Taking time to allow a qualified therapist care for your skin lets you relax and enjoy a few moments of peacefulness.
  • Energizing your body: The therapist’s hands working the gritty exfoliant over your body can encourage blood flow and often leaves people feeling physically refreshed after their treatment.
  • Promoting cell production: The increased blood flow to your skin during treatment aids in the production of new skin cells, which keep your skin looking fresh and healthy.
  • Hydrating your skin: Body polishes hydrate the skin to provide an overall healthy glow and softer, smoother skin. They also contribute to better skin texture and complexion.
  • Removing dead cells: Oil, dead skin cells, and dirt can build up on the body over time and prevent the smooth, even application of such products as spray tans, bronzing products, and topical creams. A polish treatment removes the build up on your skin and helps these products work the way they should.

Our boutique spa located near downtown Ashland offers energizing body polishes with natural antioxidants; all treatments include a steam and shower. Treat your skin to a luxurious experience, and enjoy the increased sense of well-being and deliciously soft skin that results. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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