Can’t Make it to Yoga Every Week? Try Thai Massage

Do you do yoga? Stretch? How tight are your calves? Quads? Hip Flexors? For the few among us who stretch your body on a daily basis, I commend you! Daily stretching can have an amazing impact on your mind and body. The results can be  muscle tension relief, increased flexibility, improved posture, and a calm nervous system. We should all be doing it… but fitting it into your daily schedule, or – lets face it – forcing yourself to go to a Yoga class, is easier said than done.



But don’t fret, there is still a chance for those of us out there who would rather reserve their exercise time for cardio. May we introduce… Thai Massage! This ancient, Yoga influenced healing art harmonizes body, mind, and spirit – and you don’t have to do a thing! It is performed on a mat while fully clothed. The practitioner gently guides you into passive stretches to stimulate, open, and balance the body. The perfect alternative for those of us who can’t find the time to build stretching into our daily lives.


Personally, I’m one of those Yoga on, Yoga off, prefer to get my cardio in types. I love my long runs in the woods and cherish the time I get to spend outside dashing down the trail. I know I should stretch, and always feel better when I do, but its not built into my daily exercise routine. I only recently learned about Thai Massage and was thrilled at the opportunity to try it out.

As always the Blue Giraffe was as calming and welcoming as ever. Some waiting rooms are just a transferring station, meant to only keep you sane or occupied until your turn is up. Not this time…  The waiting room at the Blue Giraffe is a bit like a candy shop, but of relaxation.

IMG_20140715_092835 (Medium)

IMG_20140715_093001 (Medium)

Since my massage was to be performed fully clothed, I dropped off my belongings in the women’s locker room instead of fully changing into the traditional spa robe and slippers. I poured myself a cup of tea, grabbed a square of chocolate to nibble on and proceeded to smell the different aromatherapy scents set on display. Calm music filled the room and, I’ll admit, I changed seats a few times just to try out the different cushions and views. All too soon my masseuse, Leaf, entered the waiting room area with a warm neck wrap, ready to lead me to my massage.

IMG_20140715_093107 (Medium)
I knew that I would be fully clothed in my stretchy/loose attire, but I didn’t realize the massage would be performed on mats on the floor instead of the traditional table. I settled down on my back and Leaf commenced bending me this way and that. She immediately discovered where I was the tightest and focused her efforts there. I’m one of those people that feels like if a massage doesn’t hurt, at least a little, it isn’t doing much. I was happy that Leaf wasn’t afraid to take me to the limits in order to maximize the work she was doing.

All in all, the entire experience was absolutely fantastic. Reminiscent of a physical therapy appointment with the added comfort of the spa like environment, I was sold on the benefits of regular Thai Massage appointments. And, I have to say, the way my body felt after made me want to incorporate stretching into my daily exercise routine!


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