How To Improve Dull Dry Feeling Skin As We Age

As we age our skin changes and we want to improve dull dry feeling skin.  In the years that I have been working in the spa industry 85% of skin care issues have to do with the build-up of the upper epidermis and or lack of hydration. As we age our body slows down the natural exfoliation process — which leaves skin feeling dry, dull and rough. When this happens, it is difficult for sebum within the pores to escape, and this can cause skin conditions such as adult acne or milia.


As hormones levels change, stress levels increase, and exposure to environmental  toxins increase, the water content within the skin is diminished. Often, people that historically have had oily skin run into problems, because they continue to use the same products they used in their 20′s or early 30′s.  To combat moisture and oil problems, I often recommend some type of hyaluronic acid to clients who are thirty and older. Hyaluronic acid retains about 1000 times its weight in water and, in conjunction with the proper moisturizer, helps the skin regain its more youthful appearance and balance.


Dry skin build up combined with oily skin creates a thick layer that blocks topical treatments from reaching the fresh skin underneath, wasting   expensive products that would otherwise be effective in treating  many skin conditions brought on by aging.  Depending on the depth of the dead skin cell layer, how long the client is willing to wait for results, and any other specific concerns, I would recommend an exfoliation program. Microdermabrasion is a fast effective way to really jump start cell turn over and to stimulate new collagen and elastin in the skin. A peel series can help to address specific issues such as acne or hyperpigmentation. Furthermore, I would recommend that after one reaches their mid-thirties, they should stay away from a daily manual exfoliation at home, and use some sort of naturally occurring enzyme such as papaya or pumpkin enzymes. These gently break down the sebum in between dead skin cells and allow them to slough off more readily.

If you are younger or simply cannot let go of your ’scrub’ be sure when using any type of manual exfoliator that it is not a naturally ground seed. These have sharp edges and can create micro tears in the skin surface which may introduce bacteria. Look for rice, jojoba bead or any other synthetic types that specifically use the words ’rounded’ in them.

Jessie Hoppe – Head Aesthetician

The Blue Giraffe Day Spa Salon


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