Logo WINNER – Congratulations Gabrielle!

We are thrilled to announce the winning logo from our virtual contest as Gabrielle Fecteau!

It’s no shock that Gabrielle’s logo was selected after getting a landslide number of votes, 335 in total! A special thank you to everyone who entered and especially the top six that took the extra step in making the requested edits to their designs and submitting new versions. We really appreciated all of the suggestions, comments, and help the community gave us in making this decision.

Meet the Winner!

Gabrielle Fecteau copy
“I am absolutely thrilled to have been picked as the contest winner! Thank you for this amazing opportunity!
I am a senior in Graphic Design at Oregon State University where I am also employed as a design intern for a department called Technology Across the Curriculum (TAC). I am 21 years old. The Blue Giraffe Spa mascot will be my first public work! I entered the contest after my mother mentioned it to me this past August. We try to get our nails done at the Blue Giraffe whenever I am able to come home for a visit (love it there). As you can imagine I was more than happy to try and create a mascot for the spa! My family and friends are incredibly supportive of me and my work and are always looking out for projects and other opportunities for me to build my portfolio. Over the summer I worked full-time at the school and took on smaller projects for friends and communities I am close to.
My favorite kinds of design work include illustration, product packaging, poster design, and furniture design/refurbishing. I like to dabble in all kinds of mediums and I am always willing to try something new. Since the school year has started I’ve been focusing on my classes, but I would love to take on other projects as well. I love designing and growing my portfolio.

If anyone would like to contact me for more information, to see more of my work, or to ask about a project they can email me at fecteaug@onid.orst.edu.

I don’t have a working site, yet, but I will be more than happy to show my portfolio to those who are interested! Shoot me an email and we can get talking.”

What was the prize again?

$475 Spa-Cation Package 

Spa Services Include:

    • Complimentary Steam/Shower or Aromatherapy Whirlpool Bath
    • Hot Scented Neck Wrap + Hot Stone Foot Pamper
    • Hot Stone Foot Pamper
    • Two 45 Minute Massages

Accommodations at the Plaza Inn and Suites Include

    • Executive King Room
    • Continental Breakfast
    • Early Evening and Late Night Snack
    • Fitness Center
    • Complimentary Wi-Fi

Dinner at Thai Pepper or Kobe Includes:

    • Shared Appetizer
    • Two Entrees
Thanks so much Gabrielle!!
Blue Giraffe Team

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