Get the Dirt on Mud Wraps

Mud Wraps aren’t new to the day spa industry, let alone to the beauty and health industry of this century.  According to a recent article in American Spa magazine titled “Down and Dirty,” the Mesopotamians counted on mud and clay for medicinal and aesthetic purposes. In other words, these indigenous people cared about the health and appearance of their skin as many of us do today. And, they used Mother Nature as a detoxing agent and as a resource for botanicals minerals and enzymes.

Many spas in America and all over the world are providing guests with treatments made from the natural goodness of mud and clay. Guests are looking for cleaner, softer, tighter and more youthful skin, which mud wraps have become well known for. A good example is at The Blue Giraffe Day Spa Salon, which features a Mud Wrap made from Moroccan Lava Clay. This Moroccan Mud Wrap purifies and detoxes, and is complemented by Orange blossom essential oils and shea body butter. A warm red clay mud provides the final touch of cleansing.

The Mud Wrap at The Blue Giraffe is made from active lava clay found flowing only from Morocco’s Atlas Mountains. This natural ingredient is said to promote cell renewal and possesses unique properties found in no other clay in the world. The silica-rich content of ghassool also promotes the healing of cracks, wounds, and even acne, while it pulls impurities from the skin.

Since mud has natural healing properties, mud wraps stimulate blood flow beneath the skin and removes toxins that may have entered your body through food, medicines or chemicals in the air. In addition, the mud in the body wrap helps open pores to absorb fluids and then works to close up the space where extraneous fluids once were.

In general, mud wraps make you feel healthier and better, with the Moroccan Lava Clay leaving your skin soft and silky. Call The Blue Giraffe to schedule a Moroccan Mud Wrap, or another day spa treatment of your choice. 541-488-3335.

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