The Importance Nail Salon Sanitation

Having your nails done is a relaxing and pampering experience. You just sit back and allow someone to give you a manicure and pedicure, without you having to do any of the work. But that’s easier if you know a little about nail salon sanitation. There have been many reports of people contracting diseases and infection after having their nails done. So, just what is so important about ensuring a salon is clean and sanitary?

Nail Salon Sanitation Concerns

First of all, you don’t want to risk contracting an infection. This can happen if tools are not properly sanitized in a low-level sanitizer. Nail tools like nippers and trimmers, as well as foot files, are used on areas of the body that are less sensitive. That means that you can easily be cut or nicked and not know it. If the person before you was also cut or nicked and had something that is blood-borne, you are at risk of contracting it. That’s why it’s so important for salons to clean all of their nail tools after each client.

nail salon sanitationOn a less serious note, nail fungus is easily spread from patron to patron when the tools used are not cleaned after each use. That means that a simple toenail fungus on one person could infect someone else, and perhaps more than one person. Your nail salon should clean every tool used after each use.    How do you know if the tools have been properly sanitized before use? All tools should be sitting in a wet sanitizer, visible to the client’s eye.  If you have questions about sanitation, you should ask your technician.  If they are properly sanitizing after each service, they will be able outline for you the sanitation process.

Unsanitary nail salons have caused many serious problems for regular salon-goers. People have been known to lose toes or fingers due to staphylococcus infections they contracted at a salon. It is vital that all tools are cleaned. Not only that but any basin that holds water should be cleaned and sanitized using a low-level disinfectant after each customer and refilled with fresh, unused water.

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