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Summer Ready Feet with New Pedi Chairs!

The one thing you can count on with springtime weather in the Rogue Valley – it’s sure to take you by surprise! One day your feet could be snuggled up in your favorite wool socks and flannel lined boots – and the next you may be desperately digging through your closet for your summer sandals as temperatures have suddenly soar into the 90s.


If you’re like me, winter means cozy boots, fuzzy slippers, and thick socks. The only person who sees my toes is me, in the shower! Given the lack of public appearance, my toes take a backseat during the cooler months of the year. Every spring, the sudden jump in temperature seems to catch me and my unpainted toes by surprise! I’m left with the dilemma… allowing my unattended feet to soak up the warm rays (exposing the lack of attention they’ve received in the past few months) or keeping them dejectedly tucked away for another day too long.

boots-in-the-snow (Medium)

But not this year! My toes came out for spring 90 degree weather with a bang, or sparkle, as it were. Thanks to the Blue Giraffe’s gentle reminders about spring weather and enticing suggestion to come in and try out their new Pedicure chairs, my toes were ready for the spotlight.


 I’ve been on a turquoise bender for a few months that was the natural color choice from the wall of Essie options. Morgan, my nail technician for the day, offered me a beverage selection of wine, tea, or water as she directed me to climb into my Pedi throne. As I settled in, I noticed her sparkly toes and knew I had to have sparkles too. She happily picked out a silver shimmer that would look perfect with the color I selected.

IMG_20140603_085518 (Medium)
Leaning back, I was surprised at the view out the upstairs windows – it was breathtaking. Ashland creek bubbled by, wind ruffled through the leaves, and a variety of birds fluttered about. I felt like I was at a secluded spa in the country, completely removed from the bustle of downtown.

IMG_20140603_085254 (Medium)

Morgan introduced their brand new Echo Pedi Chairs by Continuum and walked me through the simple controls for the chair massage. I tested out the different feeling of the rolling and kneading settings, and was immediately impressed. I soon discovered that my upper back was in knots and focused the controls to work on that area exclusively.

 IMG_20140603_085546 (Medium)

I placed my feet in luxurious hot soapy water and leaned back into the chair massage enjoying tea and the view of nature out the window. I was pleasantly surprised to find a river stone texture at the bottom of the foot tub to which I greatly enjoyed digging my feet into.

IMG_20140603_085454 (Medium)

Morgan informed me that they had just gotten the chairs in a few weeks ago and was pleased by how much people liked them. Designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA, you could tell their hand cut and sewn chairs were of top quality.

summer ready feet

The pedicure began with Morgan gently selecting one foot to work on at a time, while the other soaked happily in the warm water. Fully relaxed, I watched my winter feet transform into sandal-ready, turquoise show-stoppers.

summer ready feet

Not a moment too soon, my feet were officially ready for the sudden shift in temperature that was upon us only a few days after. Now, if I can only remember to schedule an appointment early next year!

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