Thank YOU for Voting Us Ashland’s ‘Best Local Day Spa’ in the Sneak Preview

Thank you, thank you! We are thrilled to be voted ‘Best Local Day Spa’ in 2014’s first issue of Ashland’s Sneak Preview.

Best Local Day Spa: the Blue Giraffe

IMG_20140115_102849 (Large)

“Pamper, vt: to treat with extreme or excessive care and attention. Syn., see indulge. That pretty much describes what happens at a day spa, and in that regard our readers most often named the Blue Giraffe as their favorite… ”

Favorite Manicurist: Rachel Martin of the Blue Giraffe

IMG_20140212_112129 (Large)

Best Place to Get Facials/Skin Care Treatment: Blue Giraffe

IMG_20140212_112525 (Large)

Favorite Hair Stylist: Julie Schmiess (runner up!) of the Blue Giraffe

IMG_20140212_112407 (Large)

Favorite Acupuncturist: Megan Doty (top 10!) of the Blue Giraffe

IMG_20140212_112658 (Large)


Thank you Ashland!


Jimmy, Owner Blue Giraffe

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