The Blue Giraffe Increases its Social Media Presence

Many people in business have resisted entering the seemingly mystical world of social media. And yet, it’s become extremely evident in the past few years that no matter the industry, social media is a valuable marketing tool.


The marketing team at The Blue Giraffe Day Spa & Salon carefully created and established a social media presence, starting with a Facebook Group that has grown to upwards of 700 members. Most recently, a Facebook Business (fan) Page was added and is gaining followers every week.  If you want to know what’s going on at The Blue Giraffe, including all our specials, you can “like” us on Facebook or join our Group.


In addition, The Blue Giraffe has become active on Twitter, connecting with individuals and business owners and managers in the Rogue Valley and around the state, nation and world. To date, our day spa and salon has about 700 followers, and we’re connecting with new people every day. We’re having fun as we create a community of the like-minded.


We are also using social media to promote The Blue Giraffe’s Online Store online store, and all the different departments within the Ashland day spa. It works to spread the word on new services, the talents of the staff and the day spa as a visitor destination.


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