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Why are Organic Facials so Special at the Blue Giraffe?

Imagine… glowing, silky, soft skin. Facials not only help with the day-to-day cleanliness and look of your skin, but they also educate you on your skin type and cleansing regimen. This knowledge helps keep the wrinkles at bay to make you feel healthy and vibrant at any age.

Why are organic facials so special at the Blue Giraffe?

Blue Giraffe Spa, Ashland, Oregon, Job 1129.

Van Klee Kimono Robe

Let’s walk through what it is like to have Organic facials at the Blue Giraffe… First, of course, there is the spa tradition of shedding your everyday garments to adorn a signature Van Klee Kimono Robe and spa slippers. The robes couldn’t be softer; plus, they force you to surrender to the peaceful atmosphere and relaxing journey you’re about to embark on.

branson chocolates

After changing into appropriate spa attire, you are directed to return to the comforts of the waiting area where tea, water and locally made Branson chocolates await. The Blue Giraffe doesn’t take chances with cellphones interrupting anyone’s unique experience and has a strict policy directing everyone to respectfully keep them in the off position at all times.


You’ll enjoy every moment of the waiting room, lounging on the cushioned bench sipping your beverage, tasting chocolates and sinking into the slower and softer pace of the spa. If you weren’t already content with a moment of reflection before your service, your esthetician will surpass your expectations by bringing out a heated stone, carefully wrapped in towels to warm your feet and a wonderfully warmed neck wrap.

When you are called into one of the treatment rooms, you may already be in a spa daze, but don’t worry – now is not the time for thinking – now is the time for relaxing. The wonderfully trained staff gently guides you with helpful directions on where to place your beverage, robe, or locker keys and how to slip under the treatment table blankets while they step out of the room.

Upon settling onto the table, you will realize the soft blankets aren’t the only thing cocooning you in warmth. The comfortably cushioned table also has a heating pad that won’t disappoint. Immediately upon the esthetician’s return, she inquires to your temperature comfort level and makes any adjustments necessary to keep you in a state of deep relaxation. At this point you may reflect that the actual treatment has not yet begun – but don’t worry – it only gets better from here!

Organic Facials

Comfortably wrapped in bliss, the esthetician will then give your face a professional assessment. Sun exposure, date of last facial, your washing routine, product brand and use will all be taken into consideration as she makes the assessment of what products and treatment will benefit your face the most.


Comfort Zone’s Organic Sacred Nature Milk Cleanser

After making the assessment, a gentle steam is directed at your face while the esthetician attends to massaging, moisturizing and wrapping your feet in warm towels. Bliss. Pores open, body heated and feet wrapped, the treatment begins with Comfort Zone’s Organic Sacred Nature Milk Cleanser. Light use of the Clarisonic Brush further deepens the cleanse by micro-massage motion working within the skin’s natural elasticity to gently remove the impurities.

Blue Giraffe Spa, Ashland, Oregon, Job 1129.

Clarisonic Brush

The treatment is often continued with Pear Fig Polishing Organic Enzyme Peal by Nauropathica. While the peel has a moment to set in the esthetician gently moves around the table to expertly extract one arm at at time from the blankets to moisturize and massage.


pear fig polish

Pear Fig Polishing Organic Enzyme Peal by Naturopathica

The peel is followed by extractions and a soothing Lavender Honey Balancing Organic Mist by Naturopathica.

Lav bal mist

Lavender Honey Balancing Organic Mist by Naturopathica

Continued with a massage for your face, neck, and shoulders with Geranium Regenerating Organic Serum by Naturopathica.

geranium serum

Geranium Regenerating Organic Serum by Naturopathica

Next, a White Tea Antioxidant Organic Mask by Naturopathica  is applied.

white tea mask

White Tea Antioxidant Organic Mask by Naturopathica

Deeply relaxed and content, the facial is concluded with with Comfort Zone’s Organic Sacred Nature Bio-Certified Day Cream.


Comfort Zone’s Organic Sacred Nature Bio-Certified Day Cream


As the treatment draws to a close you are again asked if you have any questions, and reminded what type of products are beneficial for your skin type and in what order to apply them. Encouraged to stay out of the sun, drink plenty of water, and come back again soon, the esthetician gently indicates the treatment is over. She leaves the room so that you may rouse yourself, slip back into your robe, and make your way to the women’s dressing room at your own pace. Upon checking out, a packet of samples awaits at the front desk as well as a customized list of product suggestions for your daily routine. The receptionists are happy to further explain and direct you to the products used in your treatment sold in the lobby as indicated by your esthetician.

IMG_20140312_102914 (Medium)

You will leave with a fully hydrated and cleansed face, and also have recommendations on products that are appropriate for your skin type. We hope to educate you on how to keep your skin looking and feeling the best and ultimately we strive to give the you a real spa experience.

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