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Sweethearts Romance Package Win With A Love Poem

sweethearts package

How would you like to give someone you love our Sweethearts Romance package? The package includes a steam for two, aromatic body polishes, side-by-side massages, and a warm, deliciously scented bath for two (normally $280). Submit a love poem in the comments section of this post by February 7. We’ll choose our favorites and post them on our FB page for a reader’s choice award. Contest winner will be announced on February 14. Here are the rules:

  1. You must say who you wrote the poem for.
  2. Poems must be original and cannot exceed 100 words.
  3. Once you post your comment, it will go into moderation until we’ve had a chance to review the content.
  4. Nothing too spicy please. We won’t post anything we deem inappropriate.
  5. Be sure to Like our Facebook page to be eligible to win.

Happy writing!

*Please note that when you hit submit your poem will disappear and it will seem as if it has vanished into thin air. Fear not ~ it’s just gone into moderation for approval!

25 Responses

  1. To my husband: You consume my heart and my every thought, the sound of your breath on my neck, the warmth of your lips on my cheek, the touch of your fingers on my skin, and the feel of your heart beating as I lay my head on your chest, knowng that I could never find that feeling with anyone other than you. Because you are my everything. I love you my beef cakes!!!

  2. Alexa Elgin says:

    Dedicated to my better half, Michael Houghton.

    If I couldn’t see, would you show me the way?
    If I was going to die in a day, would you pray?
    If I had no tears, would you cry for me?
    Through emotion can you feel what’s inside of me?
    If I didn’t have a voice, would you speak my words?
    Speak laughter to my soul, with you my days are never dull.
    If I didn’t rob you for your love, would you steal my heart?
    I need you in my life, I pray to God we never part.

  3. Summer Helm says:

    Hearts beating, souls meeting
    Eyes that have met in another time
    Feeling your presence without a touch
    Longing for your kiss so sublime

    Butterflies flutter, finding one another
    Finally feeling my heart is complete
    The missing piece you provide
    Makes me whole whenever we meet

    A life together, married forever
    Always waking in your arms
    My heart is happy, my soul is dancing
    I am safe with you and free from harm

    Stars shine bright, planets aligned
    Blessed our we in love
    A family, a lifetime, a happy home
    Was sent to us from above

    To my wonderful hubby 😉 Love you with all my heart!!

  4. Morgan Shipley says:

    To my fiance:
    You are my better half and my patience
    You are loving and strong in ways I am not
    You and our son are my world
    Of which without I would be so lost

    I thank God daily for our blessings
    You work so hard everyday to provide
    Our son and I are spoiled by your love
    With you by our side we want for nothing

    As we continue on this journey
    About to be wed
    I thank God that I have you by my side
    My better half, my love

  5. Michelle Rooker says:

    Soft lips explore my skin
    My thoughts effervescent
    Return to the spring
    Running wild together
    Entangled in loving each other
    My breath stolen
    The words won’t come
    For the power of my love will not reduce to words
    It is like a lion
    My love, there is no other
    For without you I would surely perish.

    Written to my husband Kirby

  6. Kira says:

    To Marti:
    Through hot summer nights
    And cold winter days,
    Under soft autumn lights,
    Above spring’s sweet bouquets
    Of stargazer lilies, roses & ‘mums,
    Forget-me-nots, iris & delphiniums,
    I think of you fondly-
    My place by your side
    As I dote on your smile
    Of friendship & pride.

    So close we can cry,
    Vent, or laugh our butts off-
    Between game nights with family
    And “ahem” moments *cough cough*-
    We’ve had our fair share
    Of good times & not,
    And I wouldn’t trade any
    For the best gal I’ve got!
    Love you, sweetie!

  7. Jazzmin says:

    For Aaren:

    I want to write our memories,
    Each one as a poem on my wrist,
    Only to be washed away with the falling
    Time drops.
    The quietest moments of my arms and your fingers.
    Of my chin and your left ankle.
    Sharing coffee.
    Your teacup clanking my saucer.
    Staying up late listening.
    Our dreams becoming silent signs
    That carry us towards our tomorrow’s.
    My time is sunbathing in the rich
    Coconut smell of your thoughts.
    There is no meaning
    Without your fullness.
    My husband.
    My person.
    We will shine together as if we have been buried
    For a thousand years…

  8. Holly says:

    For Dan

    Forever isn’t long enough to have you by my side.
    Your love, your warmth, your kindness are things I cannot live without.
    So many memories, moments of laughter and tears.
    Love taken for granted; whispers of promises broken.
    Yet somehow we are, stronger than ever.
    Nothing can tear us apart. Dreams are still seen.
    Years will pass by, and you will still be by my side.

  9. Amy says:

    Thirteen years! Phew, that’s a long time.
    We’ve made it past diapers and booger slime..(well, diapers anyway).
    It’s really hard to find time for romance.
    When we’re washing Hot Topic tee shirts and pants.
    Pre-teens can be moody, but you keep your cool.
    While working full time and going to school.
    We run marathons and the occasional 5k.
    That’s the only alone time we get some days.
    But those girls of ours are beautiful souls.
    Each independent, making our lives whole.
    I wouldn’t change a second of our chaotic lives.
    Because I see a little bit of both of us when I look in their eyes.

  10. Amy says:

    I forgot to say that the above poem was for my main squeeze and husband, Ken.

  11. Jessica Williams says:

    For my loving boyfriend:
    Can I be your everything?
    The reason you smile,
    The reason you wake,
    The reason you laugh through the day when reflecting?
    My love I will be your everything so long as you let me.
    Just hold my hand; be there to chase the demons away, hold me when the darkness comes, this is all I ask of you.
    Love me as I am flaws, dents, dings and all and I shall love you as you are,
    So please tell me, my love, I can be your everything?
    As for me you are my smile, my light, my reason to wake, my soulmate, lover, bestfriend, my everything.

  12. Ray Wagner says:

    Early in the spring all the little birds come one day,
    Mingling in Nature’s way,
    When the trees come anew,
    And no longer frozen is the dew,
    They run about gathering what they find,
    And building houses from the instinct of their minds,
    In it all the new,
    As if they knew the old was through.

    The air full of twittering happy cries,
    Warding off anyone who spies,
    Their homes all new,
    Where only branches grew,
    Until little new ones join their cry.

    How like the birds you and I.

    For Jennifer

  13. Tasha says:

    To my fiancé my love sent to me from God above. From the moment of our greet we thought each other meet. You have my heart. my soul, my wings. And the moment you producers those rings, oh my! you are my guy. To have and to hold until we grow old. Baby you make me shine, will you be my valentine

  14. Kathryn says:

    For my love.

    You ask how I could love a broken man, I love every broken piece. You’ve walked through fire and are here to run toward me.
    You’re by my side, I forget fear and see a kind gentle soul, I hunger to be better.
    Your laugh, your smile, your stupid ways that make me shy. You know what I like, what I love and what I hate.
    You’re presence is all I know, your body is all I’ve felt. In the fragile glimspes caught between us, deep unabiding love.
    You’ve been wounded and hurt, beyond full repair, still you trust and take my hand.
    You ask how I could love a broken man, I love every broken piece.

  15. Scott says:

    For my soulmate:

    Sara you have been my love and rock. The love you have inhaled to a tired and broken man when we came together as one.

    My heart cherishes our life and the love we have for each other. I love how just a look or few words let me know what you want.

    The love we have for each other is forever embedded in our hearts. When I am old and feeble I will always know our love was strong and lasted for eternity. As the song says belief makes things feel real, I will wear your love on my chest and heart for eternity. You have arrested my mind and Sara Rachel you will carry my mind, soul & heart for the rest of my days on earth.

  16. Nort Croft says:

    For my wife Linda:

    Dear One,

    Moments, Memories, What lies before us
    The Impossibility of trips without you, momentarily
    separated, yet eternally joined
    Internal strength, clear knowing, yet giving
    and receiving to and for one another
    Woman Scents, hints of Cachet blending to visions
    of mountain meadows, wildflowers, Intimate
    The Seed within, undefined beauty, wondrous
    Textures in my hands, seven pain, joyous
    Agony portending
    A coming together from infinite closeness

    One with you

  17. Danielle Good says:

    To My Husband

    My Heart to you is given
    Will you give yours too me?
    We will lock them up together
    And forever will we be.
    Will lock them up and throw away the key.

  18. Joy Bannon Silverman says:

    To my husband, Ken

    A love story/valentine in darkness and in light.

    At first our love was born of friendship over many years. Extending to our beloved spouses, amid the child-rearing years, the finding our way in the world years and through the great loss of our spouses, through the darkness. Eventually in the darkness we found light. Light and laughter in each other, and love in each others arms. We survive whatever the darkness brings. Whatever the circumstances.Together our strenght is multiplied. Together we choose the light, we choose love.

    Be mine for all time, valentine! Always, Joy

  19. Patricia Landfair says:

    My husband wears a badge. He’s a great man, but tonight, I sit.
    Duty has called for his time to protect lives, so until he walks through the door, I will sit.
    The most beautiful words to the wife of an officer are, “I’m on my way!” but now, I sit. I wait for our dogs to alert me he’s home. I listen, knowing he’s filtered stories to protect me.
    I married a man who’ll give his life for yours.
    I will continue to remind him I appreciate his sacrifice. And as I pray for his return home, I sit.

  20. Patricia Landfair says:

    For my partner, lover, best friend, and my husband, Ken Landfair:
    “My husband wears a badge. He’s a great man, but tonight, I sit.
    Duty has called for his time to protect lives, so until he walks through the door, I will sit.
    The most beautiful words to the wife of an officer are, “I’m on my way!” but now, I sit. I wait for our dogs to alert me he’s home. I listen, knowing he’s filtered stories to protect me.
    I married a man who’ll give his life for yours.
    I will continue to remind him I appreciate his sacrifice. And as I pray for his return home, I sit.”

  21. Alisia Wright says:

    Fingers burning, to touch…
    The feeling of you,

    Skin tingling, to touch…
    The healing of you,

    Heart yearning, to touch…
    This endless need for you,

    Loneliness; All I’ve ever had,
    Forgive me darling, until there was you,

    To touch, simply to touch, your hand my love,
    Is what I ask of you.

    (For the man who gave me his hand)

  22. Alannah says:

    Our life together has been short and sweet,
    But our love is strong and deep
    Our passion like the ocean
    And love like a waterfall
    I fall deeper and deeper in love with you
    And do it all with love and grace
    Your smile, your beard, your heart that is so dear
    Makes me want to be your girl
    To the end that is nowhere near.
    I love you.

  23. Julia Fisher says:

    For my partner, Teddy:

    The bricks were lain long ago
    Of our path that began in adolescence
    Late summer nights running in the streets
    Stolen kisses on the basketball court
    Hearts broken along the way
    Our paths divided, only to be joined again
    An emptiness and longing that I felt
    Could only be filled by you
    The piece of my heart you stole, when I was a girl
    Given back, by your love of me now, as a woman
    As the season of our life changes with the birth of our baby girl
    Our love is deep and full
    Blossoming and endless.

  24. Tracy O'Dell says:

    Rob… My best friend:

    We started out as neighbors,
    We were really just good friends.
    But something changed along the way,
    No longer we could pretend.
    Should we chance our friendship,
    to see where this might go?
    Or shut that door forever,
    And never would we know.
    So we met up on this mountain top,
    it had really quite the view.
    Then he reached over and kissed me,
    that door was just ripped in two.
    There was really so much passion,
    in that very first kiss.
    If we hadn’t taken the chance,
    this is what we would miss.
    I will always remember the day on the mountain top,
    that’s when the greatest love began,
    he is much more than a man I met,
    this man is my best friend.

    Love your square bear,

  25. Dear my cal,
    There are 7 billion people in this world,
    for our souls to find each other in every lifetime,
    is a story that our hearts will only hold.
    From the moment I heard your name,
    and my heart skipped a beat,
    I looked up and it was you- that person I knew I was destined to re-meet.
    our hearts know each other so deep- I’ve loved you for thousands of years,
    we found each other when we were so lost,
    but the universe knew our time was again near.
    Your eyes speak to me in ways that your words cant,
    your touch loves me in ways that love cant be sought.
    For my soul to connect with yours over and over again,
    can be nothing but a gift from heaven,
    for making it through every difficult part of life that we werent partnered in.

    Love your Amanda

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