Spa ServicesThe ancient benefit of touch is now considered a main-stream health remedy. It heals the body, lifts the spirit, and nourishes the soul.

At the Blue Giraffe we start you on your rejuvenating journey by helping choose the treatment that is just right for you.

Spa Services

We offer a complete selection of body and skin treatments, including massage, hydrotherapy, facials, body wraps, steam, body polishes, and reflexology.

Each treatment room is individually climate controlled, and equipped with comfortable treatment tables, dim lights, soothing music, cozy sheets, aromatic lotions and warm towels. After your treatment, try a steam/shower where you are welcome to use our spa, skin and hair products. Complete your pampering by visiting our salon , where you can fix up your hair and apply makeup.

All massages, body treatments, and hydrotherapy include your choice of Lavender, GeraniumCitrus, Eucalyptus or Rosemary aromatic lotions or oils.

Paradise is within. Let us take you there.