5 Things to Consider When Looking for Day Spa

A spa is a place where people can rest and relax in an inviting area. This is the perfect way to get away for a day without the need to travel far. When looking for a day spa, there are certain things you should keep in mind as you pick one out. The right spa will help you truly let go and have a day that is all about your own personal needs.

Look At The Day Spa Menu

A menu is a detailed list of services that the spa offers their customers. Some spas may only offer a handful of services while others have a more extensive list. For example, The Blue Giraffe, our beautiful boutique spa located just a few blocks from downtown Ashland Oregon, has a menu of both classic and contemporary spa therapies, including advanced medi-spa treatments.

Think About Your Prior Experiences

If you’ve never been to a day spa before, look for spas that welcome those who have never been before if possible. Many spas have special help for people who have never visited a day spa in their lives and not sure what to do. Kind and caring spa workers can help make the experience even more fun.

Visit the Spa Briefly First

day spa ashland oregon Visiting the spa before you go is a good practice. This way you can get a good look at the entire space. A spa should be as clean as possible. Ask questions about safety practices from staffers. Any materials they are going to apply to your body should be as clean as possible or entirely new. Any older materials should be kept away from items that have been used before. Such devotion to cleanliness is one of the reasons why The Blue Giraffe has been voted the best spa in Ashland for over a decade.

Find Out About Their Licensing

Spas are not governed by universal licensing laws, but they do have to adhere to state laws. Specific laws are in place that are designed to offer customers the protections they need to avoid problems such as infections. Spas that offer certain specific procedures such as botox injections, must meet even more specific regulations. Contact the spa and find out if they have a doctor there to supervise all such procedures if not do them entirely. Having fun is important but safety is even more important. A great space will pay close attention to such important details.

Know What You Want

The right spa will let you go at your own pace. Aim for a fabulous time that isn’t going to be too serious. You want to have a relaxing day where the focus in on yourself. You want to be in a place like The Blue Giraffe where you know that staff will listen to you and help you have a relaxing, rejuvenating time during your stay.

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