Defining Botox: What are its benefits and is it safe?

When it comes to the advancement of beauty science, some of the finest treatments, procedures, high-tech tools and materials have been created for a non-invasive manner. That means surgery is unnecessary, and the results for the face and/or body are superb with visits to the spa that help maintain beautiful, more youthful skin.

Botox Remains Number #1 Cosmetic Injectable

botox benefits botox safetyHere at The Blue Giraffe’s gorgeous, relaxing spa, we offer the client a variety of excellent, effective facial and body treatments. These skin care solutions are affordable, deliver instant results with little or zero downtime and can dramatically transform a face in a natural, radiant and ageless way.

Take for example, Botox Cosmetic; it remains the number one non-surgical solution for smoothing out wrinkles. There is nothing finer than this incredible injectable, because it works for everyone by preventing your facial and/or neck muscles from contracting into wrinkles.

Its scientific name is known as botulinum toxin type A, and it’s been approved by the FDA here in the United States since 2002. What makes this cosmetic injectable worth every penny is in its versatility. It can be safely injected into your crow’s feet, forehead lines and furrows and even in the platysmal lines in the neck. The results can knock five to 10 years off your face and allow you to look rested and naturally younger.

Botox Is Intelligent Preventative Skin Care

The late celebrity dermatologist Frederic Brandt called the number one injectable a revolutionizing asset to the cosmetic and beauty worlds. He was one of the first experts to administer these youthful shots and concluded that this safe injectable “has the effect of preventing the future formation of wrinkles and fine lines if used appropriately.”

Getting treatments is easy and usually involves one session that lasts about 20 minutes. Our professionals make you comfortable and relaxed. There is minimal pain, and we can ice before, during and after the treatment. Within 7 days, wrinkles and frown lines around the eyes and forehead are temporarily smoothed away for three to four months. The result is subtle and attractive when done correctly.

Mild redness, swelling or bruising are common following your injections, but these minor side effects disappear in about three days.

Today’s women and men prefer the quick fix with advanced cosmetic treatments that deliver natural-looking results. We all desire to appear youthful, attractive and not like we had major plastic work done. We also favor non-invasive treatments that offer long-term improvements in the skin, so we age more s-l-o-w-l-y.

If you’re looking to smooth away the wrinkles, then reach out to us today and set up a consultation. One step inside the elegant and friendly Blue Giraffe, and you will be impressed and obsessed with great skin care possibilities.

We hope you don’t mind us bragging, because The Blue Giraffe works hard at offering you the finest in classic and contemporary spa therapies. We’ve been crowned Best Spa in Ashland since 2005.

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